To help plan a balanced meal, please let us know what you are bringing. Try to make your dish as local as possible. That is easy this time of year. We have prepared a local food shopping guide if you want to know where to find specific items.

We will be preparing chicken and sweet corn for everyone on the farm, and providing seltzer water, but everything else will be potluck. There will be about 40 people at the dinner, and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to try a wide range of food, think of bringing a dish or drinks that would be served as part of a dinner for 6-8 people. If you want something simple to bring, think of local cheeses, bread, and wine!

Also remember that some attendees will be vegetarian, so if your dish can be made without meat/meat stock, please consider that. We'll have cards to label dishes that are vegetarian.

To see what others are already bringing, click the view results link below.

If this doesn't work on your browser, email us with your dish and we'll add it for you.
Tell us what you are bringing
   Salad (vegetarian)
   Entree (vegetarian)
   Appetizer (vegetarian)
   non-alcoholic beverage
   Local cheeses
   Locally made bread

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