February Slow Food Evening: Preserving raw milk cheeses!

Sunday, Feb 9th, 5:30PM at the Rochester Brainery

The focus of the Feb 9th Slow Food Evening is on raw milk cheeses. We will have as our special guest Ann Duckett, owner of the Little Blue Cheese Shop. Ann will be bringing a sampling of New York State cheeses for a tasting at the beginning of the evening. New York produces a rich variety of great cheeses, and you can find a great selection of them at the Little Blue Cheese Shop. We will also learn about a new Slow food initiative on Slow Cheese - an effort to preserve the traditional raw milk cheese traditions around the world against misguided growing government regulation. Why care about raw milk cheeses? As usual, we will enjoy a wonderful potluck meal as part of the evening and have a chance to meet new people and see how we can all help to reinvent our food system! Please RSVP here for the event as space is limited. The event starts at 5:30PM at the Rochester Brainery. See our guidelines for more information on the location and what you might bring!

Ann Duckett is the owner of The Little Bleu Cheese Shop which features farmstead and artisan cheeses and food companions from the Finger Lakes region and beyond. She is a graduate of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont, certified in basic cheesemaking, and is a member of the American Cheese Society. She enjoys entertaining, cooking and trying new recipes that incorporate her favorite food – cheese.
Here’s more information on the Little Blue Cheese Shop from their website ….
The Little Bleu Cheese Shop brings American-made, artisanal cheeses and companion products to market for you to explore and enjoy.  There’s no better way to do that than by sampling a different style or type of cheese daily.  Since much of the cheese we carry is made seasonally we hope to offer something new and different each week. (Don’t worry – let us know some of your favorites and we will do our best to keep those in stock.)Good. Pure. Cheese.Honoring the craft of cheese making is what we’re all about.  Each cheese maker imparts their artistry, patience, pride – and a bit of their soul – to every hand crafted cheese made.  Each cheese provides a unique taste of the soil from which it is lovingly grown.Because that’s what we love most about the art of making cheese, we work to establish a relationship firsthand with the cheese maker and his cheese whenever possible to share them with you at The Little Bleu Cheese Shop.  The result?  Unique cheeses for you to enjoy.  We think it’s a winning combination. Fresher is Better.  Integrity Matters!

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