This Slow Food Potlucks are held at the Rochester Brainery in the Village Gate, 274 N Goodman, St. Rochester. There is ample parking around the Village Gate. We start setting up the meal at 5:30 and start the event around 6:00.

What to Bring

For the potluck, we ask that you bring something appropriate to the Slow Food movement. This means no processed foods, and using locally or sustainably produced ingredients whenever possible. Sustainably produced meats, vegetarian and vegan dishes, gluten-free and low carb are all fine. Please label the dishes appropriately so people can follow their diets. Please try to avoid foods produced from GMO sources. Given the lack of a labeling requirement in this country and the prevalence of GMO-based agriculture, this means almost any product made from non-organic corn or soybeans, including most non-local, non-organic meats.

To get the quantity right, plan on a dish that you would serve at a dinner for 6 persons (e.g., a vegetable for 6, or bread for 6, or an appetizer for 6, etc). Plan the size per person in your party. For example, if two of your are coming, one dish for twelve would be fine, or two smaller dishes. Beverages are also welcome as your contribution, though again think local and sustainable - locally produced juices, wines, beers, etc. Please no soft drinks (they are made with high-fructose GMO corn syrup!). Please have the dish ready to serve as there is no oven option, though there are plugs for slow cookers, warmers, etc, if needed. Please bring serving utensils. We will be providing Seltzer water and sustainably-produced teas and coffee.

We have a guide to buying locally here.

If you don't have time to make a dish, here are some ideas: Beverages, Locally made bread, or cheeses, which you can get at Abundance, Lori's, Max Market, Little Blue Cheese Shop, and even Wegmans has a number of selections.

We are looking forward to sharing everyone's cooking!

Finding the Rochester Brainery

The map shows the location of the Village Gate. The Rochester Brainery is on the first floor, across the hall from Espada Brazilian Steak House, towards the center of the mall where the staircase is.

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