Gardens and Local Food Production: July 8th

Please join us for the next Slow Food Evening, on Sunday, July 8th starting at 6PM.

The next potluck evening will continue our examination of soil and the making of gardens. If we are to create a robust and sustainable food system, we need more local production of food, and there is nothing more local than producing some of your own food! Even in urban environments there are lots of opportunities: backyard gardens, rooftop gardens, gardens in vacant lots and schoolyards, portable gardens in trailers, and even urban food forests in parks. We’ll look at videos and discuss a few examples of such endeavors and what we all can do. Come join our potluck and an evening of sharing knowledge, building community, creative thinking and challenging assumptions about our food system.

The events is in Brighton, NY. Because we have limited capacity and wish to keep the evenings more intimate to encourage discussion, you must RSVP. We also have some guidelines to help you plan what to bring.

Here’s some background material you may want to look at before the meeting...

Rebecca Solnit has just written a great article on the significance of urban agriculture, which goes well beyond food production:

Here's an article on Dan Barber, who gives an eloquent defense of the Locavore movement, which has come under attack recently.

Hard to believe that someone would attack local food production, but see
I guess the establishment is getting threatened!!!

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