2nd Annual Farm Dinner! Need your help!

We had a great pot luck last Sunday. The food was delicious, very creative & fresh! There were plenty of engaging discussions & also a few short movie clips.
We are planning a large farm dinner September 22nd at Honeyhill Farm http://honeyhillorganicfarm.com/   I am looking for some volunteers to help with the planning. Please let me know if you can help out. We need people to do computer work, help with menu design, marketing, designing the poster/invitation, setting up at the event, cooking, etc. If we could find some free entertainment that would make the event more festive.
We can use donations of food from farmers, local wine or other beverages such as cider, beer or non alcoholic beverages. If there are chefs/ restaurants who would like to partner with us let me know! The dinner will be on a Sunday afternoon & children are welcome. Help us make the 2nd Annual Table to Farm Dinner a great success.
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